Five benefits of better systems

Some of the main benefits of good systems include -

  • The customer gets what he expects on time, every time in the same way, no suprises
  • If your business has great systems you won't need genius's to get your goods or services sold. Most good food franchise operations can be operated by adolesents for the simple reason that there are good systems and the systems are trained into new employees during induction
  • If you are dependent on your employees specific knowledge of their job, then if they walk out the door so does your process. At the very least, have your employees document what they do so that if they leave someone else can pick up the challenge
  • Build a business that has a market value. Market value is optimised if a business is 'turn key' and someone else can walk in and operate it
  • Simply by documenting your systems, you give yourself the ability to assess those systems and finally an option to optimise those systems

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